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Pre-, Perinatal & Postpartum

Your life may be shifting and changing in ways you can't truly predict right now - whether you're trying to conceive, you're currently pregnant, or you're working to connect with your new child. You may be thinking "I'm not good enough", "I'm not ready", "this isn't exactly what I hoped for or expected", or "I'm broken." There may be days where you are completely exhausted on a level you have never experienced before; you might be having anxious energy, a foggy mind, and experiencing changes in appetite and sex drive. You might find that your emotions are shifting too; you may be crying more than usual or you may have an absence of emotions and feel numb. You also may have a terrifying thought that seems to underscore everything each day: "I'm never going to be okay."

I want you to know that there is hope. Through therapy, I hope to provide a sanctuary with structure; I want to hold space for you so that we can create an atmosphere of safety where there is no judgment to explore these thoughts and feelings. We will work to change your narrative to one that empowers you and helps you realize your unique strengths. Together, we can explore different skills and techniques to navigate the challenges you face and shift our lens. We will bring more positive thoughts into your life while acknowledging the realistic ones and moving to a place of acceptance of what life is like and can be. We will also explore any relevant community supports to ensure you are nurturing your whole self.

Please contact me today so we can connect.

Perinatal: About Me
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